Happy New Year to all! I know it has been a few weeks since the last
Consumed E-mail. I hope you had a wonderful time around the Holidays
celebrating the birth of our wonderful Savior. I had a wonderful time in OH
with my family and friends. I am so blessed by God to have such a wonderful
Christian family there. Their support is overwhelming.

Would you pray for Dr. Jim King on Tuesday, January 3? Dr. King is
undergoing knee replacement surgery. A long recovery of eight or more
months will take place following the surgery. Dr. King is one of Consumed’s
Board Members. He is a personal friend of mine and I admire him greatly. I
thank you for raising him up to our great God.

Our staff should all be back by the end of the week. We will get together
early next week to discuss the opportunities God has given us for the winter
and spring months. More details to come.

-Jamie M.


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