Eric and I are presently sitting in “Being There” coffee shop in Altoona IA awaiting our pizza buffet at Pizza Ranch. We drove down from Minneapolis yesterday morning to be a part of a Sr. Class Retreat at Grandview Park Christian School. We had a wonderful time playing football, seeing the largest log possible burn in a bon fire, eating Pat’s delicious coffee cake (a shout-out to the mother-in-law), and interacting & discussing Jesus’ words in Matthew 6. We have asked ourselves tough questions such as:

“Why do we do the things we do as followers of Jesus? What are our motives? Are we living our lives in search of man-made accolades or for the joy of our Father?

Who is our master…God or money?

Are we seeking first the Kingdom of God? Will we live lives of faith…trusting God to provide our meals and clothing?

My hope is that these discussions will push us to complete, holistic, and transformational change. I pray these followers of the way of Jesus will flesh out following Jesus in Des Moines, IA so the Kingdom of God will be advanced.

Thanks to everyone at the retreat. We felt a part of your group these 24 hours. Much love!


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