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    Week Two Podcast

    Here are some notes you can use as you listen…

    Session Two – Genesis 6-11

    Genesis 6

    Vs. 1 – “Sons of God” – What? Who were these “sons of God”?

    2 Theories:
    1. Angels
    2. Descendents of Seth

    Vs. 4 – “Nephilim” – Giants
    Vs. 5 – Discussion Question: – How evil had man become?
    Vs. 6 – “Regretted” – Repented, to be sorry, to be moved to pity.

    Vs. 8-9 – Noah – BUT Noah found “favor” (grace, acceptance, elegance) in God’s eyes.

    God’s Instructions – Build a big boat & put a bunch of animals in it.

    Vs. 22 – Discussion Question: What was Noah’s response?

    Genesis 7

    Vs. 5 – Noah’s response?

    Vs. 11-12 – “…all the springs of the great deep burst forth” – Water from both directions.

    Vs. 17-23 – God accomplished His plans – everything was destroyed.

    Chapter 8

    Noah & his family finally get out of the ark.

    Vs. 4 – “Mountains of Ararat” – A region in modern day Turkey

    Vs. 20-22 – Noah offers sacrifices to God. God promises to never destroy the earth like He did with the flood again.

    Genesis 9

    Vs. 1-17 – God’s instructions & covenant with Noah

    • Be fruitful and increase in number and fill (replenish) the earth.
    • Eat whatever animals you want but no blood can still be in them when eating.
    • Don’t kill another human being.
    • God promises to never destroy the earth again.
    • The rainbow is the sign of this covenant

    Vs. 18-29

    • Discussion Question: Why was Noah so upset with Ham?
    • The Consequences – Canaan’s descendants would serve the other brother’s descendants.

    Genesis 10

    The sons of Noah & their descendants are described

    Genesis 11

    Vs. 1-4 – Discussion Question – What is the problem here?

    • “Name” – Reputation, fame, glory, memorial, monument.

    Vs. 9 – God accomplished what He told Noah to do in chapter 9.

    Vs. 10 – 26 – The line of Abram goes through Shem (back to the curse & blessings Noah pronounced on his sons in chapter 9)

    Vs. 27-32 – “This is the account of Terah’s family line” – New section of Genesis

    Key Points:

    • Sarai was unable to conceive.
    • Lot was Abram’s nephew.

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