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    What are character traits of Jacob that should be implemented by followers of Jesus?


    this week is been a challenging to know all the descendants and put them all together. I think i even had to draw to visualize. but when i read the part where Jacob struggles with God i wanted to know more and so i came across with this website.

    great explanation!it made me relate a lot to Jacob and the scars that i still carry on my heart.

    I think Jacob was HUMBLED i don’t know why but when it mentions the time when he came out of the womb, he was a content boy to stay at home among the tents instead of being wild like his brother i though that was a very pure and calm at heart that we have when we follow Christ and also he cooking for some reason.(i don’t know why)

    He was BOLD- When he asked for the birthright, i love his courage for asking his bother(i would be afraid to even ask) something that important. When we come to God we got to come with boldness. Ready to ask, ready to seek and we will find The LORD says.

    He was OBEDIENT- When Rebekah, his mom told him to trick his dad into getting his dads blessing instead of Esau, he went and did what she told him to do, he was afraid of what the consequences would of been but he took the risk and did as Rebekah commanded. He also he was obedient in not to marry a Canaanite woman. We should be obedient to Gods word as followers of Christ. I guess tricking the dad was not a positive thing to do but it happened just as scripture said the older will serve the younger and Esau did not really care about his birthright he was too self centered, selfish and cared only to get food instead of something that God has giving him as a right so he ended up losing it.

    and PURSUE – he loved Rachel, it says that he was in love with Rachel that he worked for 7 years in order to get the younger daughter, but Laban tricked him so he ended up working for 7 more years for Laban to marry Rachel. He worked hard in order to get to be with the one he loved, he Pursued Rachel like no one has ever. God Loves us , he pursues us but he also wants us to pursue him, unlike Jacob we don’t have to work hard in order to get God,but he simple wants us to have a relationship with him, to KNOW him,to have that connection like a husband and wife (like the same love that Joseph and Rachel had) to walk righteously, he wants our HEART. He wants to change us and mold us into living a life that’s renew full of freedom to go to him for EVERYTHING.


    OH and also FORGIVENESS- he was able to meet with Esau even though his brother in the past wanted to kill him. He was referring himself as a servant and wanted peace with his brother. God forgives us when we come clean and a heart that desired for him. IF he, The God of the most high can forgive us who are unworthy, who are we not also to forgive our brothers and sisters who do us wrong.


    I especially like that you brought out boldness. “You have not because you ask not” runs through my mind. I think many of the people we have read about have been bold in their requests and actions and that is definitely something I could use more of in my life.


    yes me too!


    Great thoughts Alex and wonderful follow up Gretchen! Boldness is something I have been pondering a lot lately. Boldness and faith seem very intertwined. I cannot appraoch God boldly without faith in who He is and what He is able to do, and maybe more importantly what He has promised to do on my(our) behalf. Everything comes down to faith, faith, faith, faith. What do I really believe? We all may need to continually examine our prayers, actions, thoughts, and words. How do they reflect our faith or lack of faith?

    It is very cool to be reading the first stories about the earliest followers and learning mysteries about God’s character and our life in Christ.


    “What do I really believe? We all may need to continually examine our prayers, actions, thoughts, and words. How do they reflect our faith or lack of faith?”

    That’s a great point, I think. One easy way to gauge what we really believe is by looking at our behavior. I’ve found that reflecting on my behavior is a good gauge of where my heart is at and can be a real motivator when I need to make some heart changes!

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