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I think Satan temps me with the bad desires that i have, he knows what sometimes i become weak at and that is when he attacks me. I also think that he uses people to get in my way and get me drawn to sin. Like when the serpent was telling Eve that it was ok to eat from the tree of good and evil, that her eyes would be opened and that she would be like God, she thought it probably isn’t that bad, she can trust the serpent and i think Satan uses tricky words to confuse us and fall.

Even though Adam and Eve did not listen to God, God did not leave them alone and let them try to figure out there problems. Like he Still dressed them and took care of them like a father would, a father who loves and disciplines. i don’t know if i am right, but i think throughout scripture just like God clothed Adam and Eve, he does that to all his people in different ways, even though bad things happened his presence was there, that later someone will come and they would be saved and be closer to the LORD.