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I think that when I know i did wrong, is not healthy for me to hide and keep distancing myself from the Lord because i feel so nasty and terrible, like i don’t just end hiding from God, but from the people that love and care about me too!

I think when i reflect on what iv’e done wrong and really go to him with an honest heart and hungry to hear him discipline me (which is not bad at all), i feel so release and so much peace, i don’t feel like he is blaming me, or judging me, but he makes me reflect and makes me humble to the situation where i can apologize or really ask myself if that is really what i want in my life? and what i desire?

As i walk with the Lord, i learn that Jesus has covered all my sins, he has washed me and cleansed me. But that doesn’t mean i can keep on sinning, and i am not saying i am perfect, cause i am not! i make mistakes all the time, but i think that the greatest thing is when you get to know Christ and know that the spirit lives in me and that means that God is in me, so if sin comes in play in my life, i don’t just let it take completely control of my me but let the spirit control me. And i learn this as i ask God to know him more, to fill me with his gentleness and wisdom and knowledge and to guide me as i live.