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It is really interesting to me the process that God brought Adam through to see that he didn’t have a match and for him to realize a need. God is such an amazing teacher and intentional in all He does. and I love that Eve is created as a helper. When I read the book Captivating it used the word “Ezer Kenedo” (or something like that) for this phrase. They said it carried the idea of “desperately needed” helper and I think that adds such value to the woman. The human race was not complete with just the man. Both man and woman needed to be present to most completely express God’s image. I think that is true of a marriage and family as well. Both and woman are needed in a marriage to most completely express God’s desire for a family.
This passage also talks about leaving father and mother and becoming one with his wife. I think this pertains to a physical aspect, but also in the sense that the husband and wife create their own family, apart from their parents. It is sometimes hard in the beginning of a marriage to not do things the way your family did them, but as the years go by it is so rewarding to form a new family together with your husband.