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Not sure we are given a mandate to “fight” for any of the “rules” God has established. A key word used today is tolerance. What people usually mean by that is that we should accept another persons view of something. However, tolerance does not mean we agree. It actually assumes two sides of an issue, it assumes disagreement. Personally, I think we should strive for more than just being able to put up (tolerate) with each other. Jesus died for people He knew disagreed with him and hated him, what are we willing to do to demonstrate love?

We (Columbus, Oh) just hosted one of the nations largest pride festivals and after the weekend I cam away with some practical things we can do as Jesus followers.

Action steps:
1.)Christians are rude about defending their view of marriage…be loving in speech.
2.)Christians should be more loving in their response to different views of marriage(sometimes that means don’t post that negative comment)
3.)Christian’s should have more Gay and Lesbian friends…seriously.

No real political “answers” hear either…sorry 🙂