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In Hebrews 9 and 10 talks about how we are cleansed from the blood of Christ. Christ does not have to die again and again like lambs and sheep’s to be sacrifice every time someone sins. Christ died once and for all for our sins and resurrected on the 3rd day and is alive now and all who believe in him are alive with him and are living life at the fullest.we are made holy in gods Presence if we all believe in what Christ has done for us. He was the perfect sacrifice, the perfect blood that shed.

and i think to build that confidence, is to know that even if we are being persecuted or going through a hard time to be reminded that We have Christ in our life’s that we have a better and lasting possession and that is Jesus, that he is with us until the end, that if we are suffering, he knows what it feels to have suffered, that we have something amazing, really hard to explain but just to know that we are richly rewarded to know him and serve him.

He is with me all the time , I just have a hard time trusting him sometimes and that is what i am working on, i do not have to come back to God to have a relationship with him, i know he is here with me, I think i just have to build confident in what Jesus has already done for ME in the cross!! and to really believe it!! and trust him. Thanks for Hebrew 9 and 10 Jamie, that is great scripture!