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Enoch please God by trusting and believing in Him. He pleased God by allowing God to walk with Him through his life. He lived with God on earth. To me, it seems like God and Enoch, shared a deep and intimate friendship. The kind of relationship that we long with friends or our spouses. I believe that we can please God by devoting ourselves completely to Him, allowing God to dwell in us, communicating with Him constantly, praising Him,sharing a deep and intimate friendship with Him,believing and trusting Him. I believe we can “walk with God” like Enoch by putting Him first in our thoughts and actions. I believe it is a discipline to walk with God. So, if we wanted to have this kind of relationship with God, then we need to make it our top priority. Being completely devoted to Him in prayer, praise and thanksgiving, reading His Word, trusting and believing in Him, and fellowshipping with the Body of Christ.