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I believe we all share one realy big weakness, we desire control over everything around us. When Scripture tells us through the life of Job that God gives and takes away, I believe this is how He most often reveals this weakness in us. In my life, it is only when all seems lost or my plans have faded into insignificance, that I am most able to return to the truth. The truth being that God is able to do anything and nothing with my plans, but He desires to make known to me His plans that my Spirit and His can be united in purpose and pursuit.

Like a Father who gives consequences to their son/daughter for disobedience, God takes away from us so that we an regain our focus and joy in what matters most in life. I see this often in my role in Jeremiah’s life (my son). Jeremiah often will complain or wine about a direction I have put him on, he desires to be in control of his own life and decision (even at the age of 4). Sometimes, only by taking away what he holds to be the most dear to him (toys, tv, etc.)can i begin to show him what REALLY has value and is worth pursuing.

There are some things in life that are taken from us that we may never fully understand why, like Job. What a great display of faith when we are still able to pursue and love God with questions and in deep grief, trusting that God is worthy of praise in any and all circumstances.