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Anger and harsh judgment are two generational sins that have been passed down to me. I have always struggled with my anger issues, and even had it pointed out to me at a young age that my temper is just like my Dad’s – that recognition and love by another person has helped me to become more aware of my struggle, and has helped me to shed some light on it and to use that acknowledgement as a reminder for me to control my anger. I have also taken this concern to God at various times in my life, and asked for His help in controlling my anger.

I grew up being surrounded with a lot of my family members making harsh and cruel judgments about other people. I have tried to not be this way in my own life, by putting myself in others’ shoes, and by trying to think about what they must be going through, to give me a better understanding behind their choices. This is a vital role of a counselor, to not judge others, so I try to better understand them first, and see if I can decipher why they are acting in a certain way, without judging them because of it. I have taken this concern to God at various times in my life, when I feel that I am beginning to judge others again.