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When I was reading about Noah, it made me curious what the response of others was towards him. Is a blameless and righteous person ostracized or disliked or does their blamelessness draw people to them? I remember studying Esther and being struck by the fact that she found favor with everyone around her (even the other girls in the king’s harem). And in Luke 2 it says that “Jesus grew in stature and in favor with God and man”. I know there are other instances, like Daniel, where blamelessness drove some people to extreme jealousy, but in the same sense Daniel was highly respected by the King, and I would assume others, to have been in the high position he was in. I tend to believe that blameless people have a certain quality about them that finds favor with God and mankind.

So then I have to ask myself, what is being blameless? It has to be more than just not participating in things we would consider “evil”. If the people of the day had every intention of their heart being bent toward evil, then what I would desire to attain to as blameless is that every intention of my heart is bent toward good. As I attain to that measure of living, I think it will grant me favor with God as well as the majority of mankind.