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During my reading of this part of Genesis, I kept flashing back to the Steve Carell movie, Evan Almighty. Evan was very hesitant to listen to and obey God at first, especially since God was asking him to build an ark and prepare for a flood (similar to Noah’s experience). Evan could only think of himself and his family, and how other people might perceive him and think of what he was doing. It took some consistent nudging by God, but Evan finally obeyed. I tend to be just like Evan whenever God asks me to do something that seems too big, and out of my control – I hesitate and do everything in my power not to obey. Eventually, once God persists enough, I relent and see His point of view. My challenge is to not put myself and my desires/concerns/feelings first and foremost when being asked by God to do something. I’ve found that when I put complete trust in Him, even though I don’t have any control of the outcome, His plan comes to fruition. Just like I have faith in believing in Him, even though I can’t see Him or speak with Him directly, by following His will, His outcomes are indeed met in my life.