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God, as our creator, knows us better than we know ourselves. As a parent, sometimes you know there are certain situations that your child doesn’t have the maturity to handle yet. And I think God in his wisdom knew this common language and central place of settling was more than the maturity of humanity could handle, so he confused their language and scattered them all over, thereby hindering them from carrying out their plan, which was a bad plan.

And for me, God’s mercy is shown in that he didn’t consume them or send a plague on them or destroy them on the spot. Again, thinking to parenting, it feels like the distraction method. It is not wise for children to play with the outlet or some other dangerous thing, and so we remove the temptation. It was not right for the people to try to work together, stay in the same place, and make a name for themselves, so God removed the temptation and made it impossible for them to do so. Merciful discipline.