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Jesus and Isaac both seem to be prophecied sons and sons of a new covenant. It is almost as if they are the end caps on a crazy new (very GOOD) thing that God was doing. I can also see how Isaac was a sign of what was to come in the person of Jesus Christ.

I find the biggest contrast between the two is that Jesus went to the altar with full knowledge of His father’s plans, while Isaac was an ignorant boy to his earthly father’s plans. That being said, Isaac was obedient to Abraham’s (his father’s) commands, just as Jesus was obedient the His Father plan. So then they are similar in their disimilarities 🙂

I believe when we read the Hebrew Bible we find that Jesus is the fulfillment of many people/stories whether it be Adam, Noah, Isaac, Moses, etc. He is the ultimate example of sonship, faithfullness, obedience, promise, fulfillment, righteousness, justice…the list goes on and on.

Jesus you are amazing!