I spent this past weekend at Breakaway (a North Central Region InterVarsity Retreat) with our students from Normandale. Among the students in attendance was my Ugandan friend Ritah. Ritah has been in the United States now for around two years. She is a wonderful child of God whose faith has pushed me closer to Jesus and His Mission. On Friday night I went to greet Ritah and she excitedly pointed to another girl and intensely proclaimed “she is from Uganda”. I have never seen Ritah so excited. So all weekend long I saw Ritah and her Ugandan friend hanging out…laughing and enjoying each others company. Ritah was able to experience a little bit of “home” while spending the weekend in northern MN.

Yesterday morning I found out that God had a greater plan for bringing these two women together. During the final session our speaker Chris gave an invitation for those wanting to receive Jesus into their lives as Lord & Savior for the first time. He asked those that wanted to do this to stand up so their friends could gather around and pray with & for them. As I stood in the back I saw Ritah’s new Ugandan friend stand to her feet. Her friends put their hands on her and prayed with and for her as she accepted the author of life into her heart. After the session I witnessed a precious site as Ritah and her now sister-in-Christ embraced. It was an amazing moment.

I will never cease to be amazed at the tenacious love of Jesus. He pursued a precious Ugandan soul across the ocean to the United States by placing her at a retreat in northern MN. And although God most likely used the teaching times and such to open her heart, He also chose to set up a divine appointment between two Ugandan women thousands of miles from their home. Jesus is building His church…redeeming this world one soul at a time so one day every tongue, tribe, and nation will bow before Him… proclaiming His goodness and greatness. I am so thankful and humbled to play a part.

“Thank you Jesus! You are worthy of all glory. I am in awe of Your love. May I recognize and participate in Your reconciling work…initiating a generation of Jesus’ followers that will continue to reach the nations.”


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