Often, we rob the true meaning of “eternal life” by limiting it to simply our future home in heaven. We believe eternal life begins in one of two places ­ Christ’s return or our death. Again, this would be good enough. If this was the only offer on the table, I think I would accept it quickly. But we definitely were not meant to have abundant, eternal life here on earth, right? I mean we just need to toil on, “endure our hardships like a good soldier,” try not to sin, realize this life stinks, cognizant one day it will be worth it all. Amen brother! Well, actually that is dead wrong. I do not agree with that sort of logic one bit and even feel it is a travesty. It robs Christ of what he came to accomplish for us. John Eldridge speaks of this in Waking the Dead when he writes:

“Jesus doesn’t locate his offer to us only in some distant future after we’ve slogged our way through our days here on earth. He talks about a life available to us in this age. So does Paul: ‘Godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come’ (I Tim. 4:8). Our present life and the next. When we hear the words eternal life, most of us interpret that as ‘life that waits for us in eternity.’ But eternal means ‘unending,’ not ‘later.’ The Scriptures use the term to mean we can never lose it. It’s a life that can’t be taken from us. The offer is life, and that life starts now.”

Does that mean we will not experience trials, temptation, and sufferings? NO! But I do believe we can experience abundant living in the midst of those experiences. At the point of salvation, we have an unending, overflowing, more that you can begin to comprehend or imagine life. That’s what I desire. That’s what you long for, isn’t it? Start believing that is what God desires for you. Jesus Christ is the Source. It’s one of the reasons He came. It’s the reason He was beaten, spit upon, crushed, bruised, mocked, slapped, and crucified. It’s the reason He conquered death and burst forth from the tomb. It’s yours! Claim it!


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