“Whoever welcomes a child like this in my name, welcomes me.” – Words from Jesus in Matthew 18

Prayer of Dedication Kids with their moms

My church had a Child Dedication Gathering last night where my daughter Macie and a little man named Ethan Algajer were recognized. While preparing to teach on Jesus’ words in Matthew 18 I was once again reminded of the beauty of the body of Christ. Jesus instructs his disciples to learn humility from children. It is only when people become humble like a child that they can be “the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven” (vs. 4).

Consumed exists to share (by words and actions) God’s message of abundant, overflowing life – found only in knowing Jesus Christ in a deep, intimate and relational way – to people across the globe. We believe some of the “people” God wants us to share the message of life with is children. Children have always been a part of Consumed. We, Consumed Ministries, have given to children by partnering with local churches… assisting them with basketball clinics and teaching times. But children have given to us as well. While preparing to move to Minnesota from Pennsylvania in 2004, I had two children hand me envelopes with money in them for “food on my trip to MN”. Just this week Consumed received a donation of $6.44 from elementary school kids.

You see, we welcome partnering with children in the name of Jesus because when we do so we welcome Jesus. We also believe we can learn so much from children (I learn from my daughters every day!). SO, the offer is on the table. If we can be of assistance with you, your church, or your ministry in any way regarding kids, please let us know. We welcome these opportunities that God is a part of!


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