This past weekend my mom came to town to watch the girls while Gretchen and I went to South Dakota for Dan & Heidi’s wedding. On Monday, we took my mom to St. Paul for pizza at Cossetta’s (the best New York style pizza we have found in the cities…other suggestions welcome). After we filled our stomachs with Italian sausage and grease we decided to view The Cathedral of St. Paul. This was my first experience there and the only appropriate initial response to the place was “WOW”! I was completely blown away. The architecture was like nothing I have ever seen before.

As I looked up at the 175 foot dome, with its’ 24 stained glass windows of the angelic choirs I saw this verse from Psalms…

If you can’t read it, the words are, “Let everything that breathes praise the Lord.” I stood there for what seemed like forever just staring. How could I not just want to scream praises to God? I was lost in this moment of inner praise to my Father. This Cathedral, built by the hands of humans, was unbelievable. It caused me to ponder over the grandeur of God. As I stood there staring, this man-made cathedral caused me to also think of another cathedral, or sanctuary, I have yet to see. If my jaw dropped to the floor when I looked at the Cathedral of St. Paul, what is going to happen the first time I see what Isaiah, Ezekiel, and John saw when they were offered a glimpse into the throne of the Almighty. I have a feeling my entire body will hit the floor at first glance.


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