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Broken in the House of Healing

From Rob Stearns… Sometimes I think we put such an emphasis on making sure that our “church” looks perfect. That we should all put on a smile and present to the world a united front (farce?) that everyone of us and everything in our lives, everyday, is oh so pretty and perfect. I’m fortunate to […]

The Stitt Family

This is the Stitt family. They are heading to Moldova in less than two weeks to come alongside of the local churches there in putting an end to human trafficking. There are two areas that will take most of their time and efforts. 1. Home of Hope – This is a home for young women […]

The Love of God

A group of men from my church along with some other guys have formed a Men’s Book Club. Before you laugh, let me assure you this is a very manly book club. If you would have told me in High School that when I was 34 years old I would be a part of a […]

Supernatural Gift

from Abby Dubbe I couldn’t live without the church. Without a doubt my spiritual health would fail. God has lead me to live in various states and cities throughout my 28 years of life. I can confidently say that what made each of those places home to me was the church. (Ok, if I’m being […]

Post submitted by Gretchen Miller A friend of mine gave me some Gerbera Daisies last week because she was going on vacation and knew if she left them at home with her son the flowers would probably die. And after the first day I was thinking my friend was probably better off to have left […]

Mighty Men & Women

I spoke to Eden Prairie Presbyterian Church last week. If you are interested in hearing the talk you can find it here: Mighty Men & Women We are having some minor difficulties with our podcasting abilities so I placed the talk on my church’s website. The talk comes from the story of David’s Mighty Men […]

Germany thoughts…from Lisa Beavers

From Lisa There are certain things that cross language barriers… Smiles Music Sharing a Meal Playing Sports Hugs Tears Prayer Pictures These are things that can be shared between people… felt and understood whether or not your spoken languages are the same. God showed me this in fresh and heart warming ways during our time […]


From now until the end of February General Sherman is available for $7.95 plus shipping if ordered through our website (hint – look to the right). We will even throw in a complimentary copy of Fully Alive as well. Order away! This is a great book for kids of all ages. At all of our […]

Is Not For Now

from Rob Stearns I wrote this poem over a couple days. I started out writing it on one day, had to put it down, got distracted, forgot about it, then remembered, then continued. I hope it makes sense. The reason for this poem is my friend Jamie’s sister, Penny. She has cancer. A young woman, […]

I just left the hospital. My friends Dan & Heather just had their first child, Bjorn Daniel, yesterday evening. Holding a newborn baby never gets old for me. Bjorn wasn’t even 24 hours old yet and I was holding him and looking at his big old cheeks and giant sized baby hands. Babies are a […]