“Retold”…now available!

Retold Cover

Retold is a heart felt collection of stories gathered from the Bible,
starting with creation and going all the way to the early church in Acts.
Each chapter holds trial and redemption and is woven together with true
life feelings and challenges.

Like any good story the objective is to bring the reader into an
emotional place of connection and understanding with the protagonist.
Sarah has taken the narratives of ten women found in the fine paper pages
of the Bible and given them flesh and passion while holding true to their
integrity. This book can be read individually or in a small group setting;
complete with discussion questions tucked near the back to help
conversation flow.

For those of us who grew up in church hearing classic character
stories told from thick children’s Bibles, poster boards, flannel graphs and
the nativity play at Christmas, you’re in for a treat because there is so much
more to be told.

Read more from author Sarah Stadler – greenheart

Finding God & Your True Self

Consumed Publishing is proud to release the first of two books in August, 2011. The first publication is “Finding God & Your True Self” by Jamie Overholser. Jamie writes the following in his introduction:

I write the following pages in the spirit of Henri Nouwen who admittedly did not completely grasp or live fully the thoughts and truths contained in his books. In fact, from time to time I will reread what I wrote months ago and struggle with believing it. Not because I think it’s wrong, but because I find it incredibly difficult to live. In the words of a friend, these truths need to be “re-read, re-learned, turned over, and re-worked” in such a way that keeps me sensitive as I walk this spiritual path of finding God and my True Self.

The release date is set for August 11 but you can pre-order your copy or copies now by hitting the google checkout button below. I highly encourage you to read this book. It may be used of God to open your eyes to the false identity you are wearing…even if you do not realize it. Christ set you free to truly know Him, walk with Him, be identified with Him, and live abundantly. Jamie’s writing will assist you in that journey.

Spirit’s Bride: Shade Release

Consumed Publishing’s latest offering – Spirit’s Bride: Shade by David Michael Halvorsen – will be released on June 24.

A gripping tale of loss and love, vengeance and sacrifice-when Ma’shi’yach calls, how will He be answered?”

Pre-order your copy today…

PA TRIP – Book Release & Alpha

The trip was a whirl wind but I mean that in a good way. When you take out all of the traveling ramifications we spent about 36 packed hours in PA. Those hours were filled with the book release party, meetings with potential authors and board members, catching up with friends, and participating in the weekly Alpha gathering. I always return from trips like this refreshed. My physical body is always a bit tired from traveling and lack of sleep but my soul is regenerated. I love seeing how God is working in other parts of the world. These trips expand my vision and gives me the proper perspective that God is doing stuff beyond my little world. I am tapped into a greater story and that excites me!

The book release was a joyous celebration. Thank you to all that attended. If you weren’t able to make it (I know geographically it was impossible for most of you) I encourage you to order your copy of Carol King’s The Empty Cross from our website. As she read a few selections from the book I was reminded of the power of poetry. Psalms are filled with people’s expressions to God. It is amazing to hear and read the modern day Psalms ofpresent day saints.

Alpha was nothing short of amazing! Packing 60ish kids into a basement that are all hungry for God can’t be anything less than Acts 2-church kind of goodness. I tried to encourage those present from Jesus’ interaction with the Samaritan woman in John 4. I am praying many of these students will actively be looking for people to initiate friendships with that do not look or act exactly like them. Who knows what God may do through these committed followers of Jesus!

2017 brudklänning på nätet att välja sin egen brudklänning, vitt siden flygande i vinden, att bröllopet flickan springa fritt i skogen, höjde slöja hög, som en guide-liknande eterisk söt Bröllopsklänningar.