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The Deutschland Remix

(Eric here) Having read some of the things written so far about the Consumed 2010 Germany trip, I must admit that I’m feeling rather inadequate. Jamie (published author), Gretchen (semi-pro blogger and soon to be published author) and Lisa (Songwriter, Lyricist and SHOULD be published author) have all crafted incredibly descriptive and compelling narratives describing […]

Germany from Gretchen’s Perspective

From Gretchen Miller… Just like my new German boot cup (it is so fun you have to drink out of it), my heart bubbles over with joy when I think about our time in Germany. It was my maiden voyage on a trip like this and I feel so blessed and humbled by the opportunity […]

Germany, Part 3

On Saturday, March 20, I woke up to a bit of a scare. Gretchen informed me that she woke up at around 3:00 am and couldn’t fall back asleep. Of course I was sleeping soundly throughout this entire time and she decided not to bother me. For the first time, she said she really sensed […]

Germany, Part 2

(Beavers, Millers, and Dan in front of the Berlin Wall) Because of a cancellation on Wednesday in Dorsten, we headed to Berlin one day sooner than expected. Eric and I grew to love the no speed limit zones on the autobahn. There is nothing like the thrill of driving 180 km an hour without the […]

Germany, Part One

It was our intention when we left for Germany to keep this website updated with our whereabouts and stories of God working but the busyness of travel and sporadic internet use derailed this plan. So now that we are back and settling into U.S. life I want to take some time to fill you in. […]