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Jars of Clay

No…not the band. I am talking about you. You are the Jars of Clay! You can hear about it here – Jars of Clay (Jamie speaking at Jesus is Lord Church in Bloomington, MN)

A Prayer

My church is currently immersed in the adventures of Nehemiah (we are starting a series on Nehemiah for the radio broadcast this week as well). This past Sunday evening we discussed Nehemiah’s response in chapter one when he heard about the condition of the Jewish remnant & Jerusalem. When Nehemiah found out the people were […]

Some People You Should Meet

For our Consumed Radio Broadcasts we are currently involved in a series discussing a Christian’s responsibility for the poor, needy, and underprivileged. Throughout the Bible, no matter what time frame, situation, or genre, we always see God’s heart for taking care of the poor. Here is just a sampling: God’s thoughts and provision for the […]

What I learned about church by running a 1/2 marathon…

I wanted to write this post while my legs were still sore and the blisters on my feet make walking uncomfortable. It doesn’t take a genius based on the title to understand I ran in a 1/2 marathon this morning. For those of you that have known me for a while, you probably don’t really […]

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I found the following post from one of our board member’s blogsite so powerful, I had to put it up here. I agree with him 100%. From The Journey If the symbol of immersion in baptism is critical, then why would we not guard the critical symbolism of Communion, one cup and one loaf? Or […]