…the more I sing that sweet old song the more I understand
That I do not comprehend this love that’s coming from your hand

Who am I that you would love me so gently?
Who am I that you would recognize my name?
Lord, who am I that you would speak to me so softly
Conversation with the love most high
Who am I?
-Watermark. Album: All Things New.

…He [God] jealously desires the spirit that dwells within you. -James 4:4-5

Why? I honestly can’t figure out why the God of the universe – the King of Kings, the Almighty, the Creator, the all-powerful, the all-knowing, the everywhere, the infinite and glorious God of Heaven – could possibly be passionately pursuing me! There is no theological grid that I could work through to make a proof statement for His love. All I know is that He’s had all of history to quit. To throw in the towl. To give up on us. In the garden – Adam and Eve were given everything, yet they disobeyed. Right there God could have called it quits. “What am I doing? These people don’t care! It’s over!” Or how about the flood. Why save Noah?? Why not just obliterate the earth? Think about David. King David. The chosen King of God’s people. He willfully and knowingly committed aduletery. “That’s it! Time to start over! I’m finished pursuing people who don’t listen! Who don’t care! Who aren’t paying attention! Who are too caught up with themselves! It’s over!” Why didn’t He quit? I don’t know. I do know that one night in a field, men with sheep were startled by voices from the heavens declaring that a Savior was about to born…Christ, the Lord. And with that simple birth, all of history for all time had proof of God’s love. Proof that He hasn’t given up. Proof that we matter to Him. Proof that He is passionate about us. Proof that He is pursuing us. Proof that He loves us. Can you hear the voice from heaven? I’m passionate about you.

Passion is defined as what we are willing to endure to reach the goal. God endured history. Jesus endured opposition, betrayal, accusations, challenges, mocking…and ultimately a cross. “my God, my God…why hast thou forsaken me?!”
I’m passionate about you. You matter to me.

I write all this to say that my ‘christianity’ isn’t about me. It’s not about MY love or MY efforts or MY merit. God passionately pursued me in love. He was passionate about the relationship with me! And that passion for me has ignited a passion in me to be passionate about Him. Make sense? I have ‘come to know and believe the love that God has for [me]” (Hebrews 11:6). And because of that I’m compelled to love Him. I’m compelled to love others.

Can you hear God’s voice in your life? The voice that calls out from the heavens?

You matter to me. I’m passionate about you.
I jealously desire the spirit I’ve made to dwell in you.

Enter the conversation.


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