seeing as if in a mirror…

A member of our Consumed staff – Abby Amos – sent an email to the rest of us tonight concerning her grandfather. I asked her for permission to post it here – she consented, and therefore I will. It is as follows: my dear MN family members, my heart is grieved. it’s ironic to me […]


What began as a small Bible study about “worry” to calm my nerves has turned into a soul-searching journey about serving two masters. Or, at the very least, ignoring the one Master who really matters. This was (sort of) a case of hearing something for the umpteenth millionth time and finally getting it and…it sent […]

Consumed Ankeny, Iowa…

“I love the fact that I am completely forgiven through the blood of Jesus.” “My eyes were opened to know that the enemy does want to attack me, but I have victory in Christ.” “Abundant life starts now.” “Hearing all the names Scripture calls followers of God – Children of God, worshippers, saints, chosen ones, […]

Ankeny Conference

I can’t believe our first conference is 48 hours away. We are filled with many emotions – anticipation, nervousness, excitement, etc. At this point, all of the details are taken care of. We are prepared in that sense. My prayer is for our hearts. That they would be full and overflowing with a genuine, authentic […]

Eternal Life

Often, we rob the true meaning of “eternal life” by limiting it to simply our future home in heaven. We believe eternal life begins in one of two places ­ Christ’s return or our death. Again, this would be good enough. If this was the only offer on the table, I think I would accept […]


Hello all! This blog is going to be a major tool for us to use in order to begin podcasting. We look forward to being able to share messages from our conferences and from other things that we do here in the Twin Cities. So keep your eyes peeled – we will begin ‘casting’ soon!

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