I have purposefully been holding off posts the last few weeks due to the Benefit Concert for Cornerstone. I wanted the event to have prime real estate on our site. The concert was last night and it was amazing. But now it is time to produce some new posts. I want to do my best to keep this site updated frequently with blog posts so I have enlisted some help from friends of Consumed. Mixed in with my entries will be those from some other bloggers out there. I think the variety in the topics and the personalities of the writers will keep things interesting.

So for the first entry from a friend of Consumed I introduce to you Rob Stearns. Rob is a recently retired professional German basketball player, the father of two, a teacher, a poet, a writer, and fan of a disappointing Alabama Crimson Tide Football Program (sorry Rob…I had to take my shots).

Consumed Publishing just finished producing Rob’s first published writing entitled Rise Up. We are thankful to have Rob join the Consumed Publishing family. Rise Up will be released on November 6. Pre-ordering will be available soon on the website.

From Rob…

The idea for the poem comes from Dan. 10, where Daniel was hanging out with his boys out by the Tigris (i think it was the Tigris) River. There he is, hanging out and all of the sudden a vision, an earthquake…a violent interruption by the supernatural! These men flee and leave Daniel on his own.

Some things that stick out…the clarity of his visions. The violence of the events…proof of how supernatural God is AND what kind of spiritual battle we are in. He was told that since he started seeking wisdom and seeking God that he would understand these things! FASCINATING!!! Desire God, desire His wisdom, desire His understanding and if you’re ready…get ready! WOW!


I was standing
I was standing by the river
I was lost in thought
Deep in tough
I was lost
Somewhere in my own mind

I was dreaming
I was dreaming about another life
I was living outside of me
Another life beyond
I was dreaming of what could be
Somewhere in my own world

They were running
They were running away from someone
They ran and I was alone
Alone in this presence
Abandoned I was not
Somewhere in my awakening

I was falling
I was falling higher
I was falling like never before
More than merely fallen
I had fallen deeper
Somewhere in between my worlds

I was shaking
I was shaking in fear
Scared for my lives
Awake in my sleep
Death I awaited
Somewhere between my heart beats

I was seeing
I was seeing visions
I saw what was not yet
Shown by this spirit
Visions I understood
Somewhere in my mind’s eyes

I was living
I was living life renewed
I was alive like ne’er before
Beyond realms of reality
Life I embraced
Somewhere in the middle of His power


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