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A Great Quote

“For the Kingdom of God is not just a lot of talk; it is living by God’s power.” — Paul to the church of Corinth in his first letter to them. I wonder how much of my life consists of meaningless words? I hope and pray this is not the case. I pray my life […]

Missing You

From Rob Stearns I wrote this the other day. I was really looking forward to being in church. I didn’t go. For reasons I do not want to discuss at the moment I didn’t make it to church. I felt like I missed out. Something from my day, or week, was gone…and I wanted it […]

Winona State University

Due to the website problems these pictures are a little late. But I guess the old saying “better late than never” applies here. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak at Winona State University at their InterVarsity Large Group Meeting. Jordan & Jessa Anderson met me there and played some of their […]


Folks….we apologize for the issues you’ll be noticing with the site over the next few days.  Please bear with us as we update – very soon we’ll be rolling out some updates that we’re pretty excited about!  Stay Tuned!

Is There Room For Failure?

I want to introduce you to another friend of Consumed….Mr. Tim Benedict. He will contribute to this site from time to time. Tim truly resonates with the message of life and has been an ally to Consumed. He led a group of men from Northeast PA in a Fully Alive Group and saw God work […]

Rise Up

From Rise Up by Rob Stearns: What does John 10:10 tell us? The first part of the verse tells us that Satan is hunting us. And to what end? “To kill and destroy us.” He hates us so much that not only does he want to kill us, but he wants to destroy everything in […]


The Double Blogger Nazi (Jamie) is posting the first entry from another Consumed Blog Writer – Abigail Joy Amos. Enjoy! Blood. Never a word anyone wants to hear, or discuss. I don’t even like the thought. I will never forget though, this one time my Grampy was in the hospital, and he needed blood. Several […]


Last night I heard a wonderful woman with a beautiful heart speak about her upcoming trip to the city of Manila in the Philippines. She will be serving as a house parent in an orphanage for three months in 2008. Her responsibility will be to love children that have been abandoned. She also shared her […]

ok…one more from Rob

Marvelous Contradiction We marvel at Christ’s compassion Then we look in disgust at life’s whores and drunks We marvel at Christ’s love While our neighbor’s needs go unaided We marvel at Christ’s silence But scream “you’re going to hell” when the occasion arises We marvel at Christ’s feeding of 5000 As Africa starves tonight We […]