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From Abby “Abs” Amos Yesterday was one of those work out days where I had zero motivation! I hopped on my machine of choice and began plugging away at my routine. To distract me from the rigmarole of the work out I began watching the pool down below me through the window. It’s an indoor […]

Every tribe & nation

I spent this past weekend at Breakaway (a North Central Region InterVarsity Retreat) with our students from Normandale. Among the students in attendance was my Ugandan friend Ritah. Ritah has been in the United States now for around two years. She is a wonderful child of God whose faith has pushed me closer to Jesus […]

A Prayer of Thanks for This Day

From Gretchen Miller: Father, Thank You for this day. For all its joys and sorrows, trials and triumphs, laughter and tears– For the time spent with friends And time spent with family– For tasks completed and tasks yet on “the list”. Thank You for this day to work, This day to rest, This day to […]

You Are the God

From Rob Stearns I had been thinking about a couple verses in Ps 94 for a couple of days when I got the news that a sister of a dear friend of mine had just been diagnosed with cancer.  The way these verses were playing in my head had a completely different context as to […]

An album worth purchasing

For Christmas my father-in-law bought me Charlie Hall’s newest album “The Bright Sadness“. Whether I’m in my car, working on my laptop, or running/lifting weights with little Gina (my ipod shuffler), I haven’t stopped listening to it for over a week now. With songs like Bloom Again, New Year, Scenes, and Hookers and Robbers, you […]

Letters of Recommendation

This is part of my weekly letter written this morning to Consumed’s Intercessors Team… “Are we beginning to commend ourselves again? Or do we need, like some people, letters of recommendation to you or from you? You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody. You show that you are […]


Christmas always moves me emotionally. I don’t think a Christmas season has come and gone without me, at least one time, shedding a tear or two. The thought of the Lord of the Universe becoming a baby never gets old for me. What humility! What love! Currently I’m listening to a version of Silent Night […]

Psalm 131

From Gretchen Miller God has been so gracious to give us some earthly parallels for our finite minds to gain some understanding of His infinite love and intimate relationship with us. And although we know they pale in comparison to His true character–they do give us a glimpse and play a huge role, at least […]

Selah (A Christmas Song)

From Rob Stearns: Selah (A Christmas Song) A child is born In a faceless farmhouse A child is born The Prince of Peace Prophecy fulfilled She holds him so close To ponder what he means for us Selah Selah Selah Prince of Peace Prophecy Fulfilled Selah She calls him Josua And Emmanuel God is with […]

One of those nights

This is my friend Ritah. I am the one next to her glowing like an angel (sorry for the bad picture!). Last evening my family and friends participated in a Multicultural Community Dinner at Normandale Community College. It was an evening of International dishes, dance, poetry, guitar playing, and singing. Ritah, one of InterVarsity presidents, […]