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Paradigm Shifts

These are not original with me, but thought they were worth a post. These are paradigm shifts needed while sharing the love of Christ with those in the grid of our every day lives: 1. Other People Exist: Simply coming to the understanding that the world does not revolve around “me” but that everybody is […]

Update on the King…

Just spoke with Dr. King. His surgery was successful and he is now home recovering. Obviously, there is pain involved. He has a lot of therapy to go through in the next weeks and months. Thanks for your prayers! I know he appreciates them. -Jamie

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all! I know it has been a few weeks since the last Consumed E-mail. I hope you had a wonderful time around the Holidays celebrating the birth of our wonderful Savior. I had a wonderful time in OH with my family and friends. I am so blessed by God to have […]

Tis the season?

Yesterday I watched a stewardess aboard my flight melt when I said the words “Merry Christmas” to her as I exited the plane. You know how they stand there as you leave – giving the obligatory “have a nice day”’ and “thanks for flying with us”. Well this woman gave me a “Have a great […]


I came across this quote from Donald Miller: “I can’t imagine what would happen if every Christian felt it incumbent upon themselves to worship Christ through serving the poor and oppressed, and reaching out to the marginalized. More and more this has become religion to me. Not that reading the Psalms under a flickering candle […]

Update: Ang Johnson

An email I received this morning concerning Ang… Hi Guys, I just talked to Angela and she is praising the Lord. She is feeling much better and went home around 11:00 today. She slept great last night and is starting to keep food down. All this to say that this last bout with all the […]

Angela Johnson

Hey all, Angela Johnson – wife of Cliff Johnson who is a member of the Board of Directors for Consumed – has been having some health problems as of recently. Over the past week or so she has been admitted to the hospital, released after a few days, and then admitted again yesterday. She has […]


I’m reading in Deuteronomy this morning. Not the typical place you think you are going to find nuggets of truth to boost your spiritual journey. But I came across this: “Know this: God, your God, is God indeed, a God you can depend upon.” Three obvious revelations from the Holy Spirit today that are continuing […]

seeing as if in a mirror…

A member of our Consumed staff – Abby Amos – sent an email to the rest of us tonight concerning her grandfather. I asked her for permission to post it here – she consented, and therefore I will. It is as follows: my dear MN family members, my heart is grieved. it’s ironic to me […]


What began as a small Bible study about “worry” to calm my nerves has turned into a soul-searching journey about serving two masters. Or, at the very least, ignoring the one Master who really matters. This was (sort of) a case of hearing something for the umpteenth millionth time and finally getting it and…it sent […]