Being Church

Being Church

Book Description:This is the church, this is the steeple.” You probably know the rest of the rhyme. I hate to break it to you, but this is extremely misguided from what, or better yet WHO, the church is – as described in the Bible. Jesus said, “I will build my church.” Was He talking about a building? A once a week service under a steeple? Or is it possible Jesus was actually referring to people? And if the church is people, what would it mean for the world if we truly believed that to be true?

Sarah, Scott, Dan, Jamie, Gretchen
Sarah, Scott, Dan, Jamie, Gretchen



AUTHORS: Five people had a role in bringing this book to life. Jamie Miller (2nd from right) is the primary writer and humbly offers his insights on who he believes the Biblical narrative describes church to be. Sarah, Scott, Dan, & Gretchen (from left to right) contributed a written response to each section of Jamie’s writing. The feedback they presented are as unique as their background and personalities. The end product for the reader will illicit critical thinking and a much fuller picture of who Jesus’ church is called to be.


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Consumed Dessert

Thank you to all that came to the Consumed Dessert last night. It was good to reconnect with some of you face to face. It was also wonderful to meet some of you for the first time.

The main purpose of our time together was to thank you, our wonderful prayer & financial partners, for coming alongside of us and helping us accomplish our vision of sharing the message of abundant life. Because many of you are not in MN and couldn’t join us I wanted to invite you to watch a little picture video we put together and showed last night.

We also offered to those that attended last night the opportunity to sign up for any of our (Dan, Jackie, and myself) intercessory E-mails or newsletters and the chance to give financially. Obviously you are already partnered with me in prayer. And many of you partner financially with me as well. If, however, you would like to contribute financially or set up a monthly giving partnership with us you can do so electronically here – (Just click the yellow “donate” tab)

You can also mail checks to:

Consumed Ministries
PO Box 20214
Bloomington, MN 55420

Thanks! Together, we are seeing lives transformed by the greatness of Jesus! Have a great rest of the week!

The Deutschland Remix

(Eric here) Having read some of the things written so far about the Consumed 2010 Germany trip, I must admit that I’m feeling rather inadequate. Jamie (published author), Gretchen (semi-pro blogger and soon to be published author) and Lisa (Songwriter, Lyricist and SHOULD be published author) have all crafted incredibly descriptive and compelling narratives describing some of the amazing things that took place in the land of the Bratwurst. And while a few paragraphs can never fully sum up 10 days of a missions trip, their words have bridged the gap between hearing and being there quite well. So, instead of trying to destroy eloquence with my feeble attempts, I figured I’d do what I do best….be a geek and make a video. 🙂

I would like to share one thing I’ve been thinking about over and over again in regards to a portion of our time in Germany. Our purpose for all that we do under the banner of Consumed is both simple and profound at the same time, and if you’ve ever clicked on the ‘about us’ heading at the top of this page you already know what it is. In everything we do we are ambassadors for Christ, attempting to share the message of abundant life (John 10:10) with the world. And wrapped up inside that message – at the very core of it – is this concept of freedom. We just recently celebrated it as a global church body actually – Christ broke the shackles of death. His victory over the bondage of death has provided us the freedom to experience and live out the abundant, overflowing, more than you can begin to imagine life found only in knowing Him. With that being core to the ministry of Consumed – nay, shall I say to the very lives of those involved with Consumed – it was astounding for to begin to understand the story and background of the church in Dorsten, Germany. We learned on this trip – or maybe I just finally began to grasp the concepts – that the church in Germany is shackled to the government of Germany through a taxation system of giving and government guided system of leadership and control. The church in Dorsten – that we’ve now visited twice – was birthed out of the desire to be free from that system!! They broke away from the government system and established themselves as a self-proclaim ‘free church’. The specifics and details of what that all means impacts every aspect of that church body – and being ‘free’ isn’t always the easy or safe road. And as we were there with them on this past trip, I was struck with the thought that we…Consumed…as ambassadors of this message of ultimate freedom, have been led by God to build a relationship with a church who are desperately seeking to live out freedom on a variety of different levels and in very tangible ways. I feel (Lisa will be proud when she reads that!) that our biggest impact on this trip might have come in the form of the encouragement and edification that we hopefully provided the Dorsten Free Church. At least I hope. And for me, to see them pursuing freedom in very tangible ways was compelling – it encouraged me to continue the pursuit of the freedom that Christ provides….to continue to live in the truth that the shackles have been broken, sin and death have been conquered, and there’s a LIFE to be lived!

All Over The World (excerpt) by Matt Redman
Young and old, near and far
there’s a place for ev’ry heart to
join in your song
join in your song
And ev’ry nation tribe and tongue
come together join as one
give glory to God
glory to God

All over the world Your song will resound
All over the world Your praises ring out
We’re living to see You’re name and renown
All over the world

Laissez une impression coquette, pétillante et sexy à votre homme à la première danse avec lui. Vous auriez besoin de notre sélection de robe de bal sexy. Bretelle enlevée, encolure en cœur, une robe avec laquelle vous allez tomber amoureuse. Couture très recherchée et une mise confortable pour faire ressortir votre silhouette délicieuse. IL va l’adorer. Qualité excellente et à prix adorable.

Two O’clock
on a cold winter’s afternoon
Telephone rings
bringing some disturbing news
Oh my God
what do I do
Comforter, Friend
My heart needs to hear from you

Holy Spirit come
Fill this place with power
Hope…it isn’t gone
Fall on us this hour

We will wait for you
We will wait for you

Fork in the road
don’t know what to choose
Two separate paths
only one life to use
Oh my God
what do I do
Counselor, Friend
my soul needs to hear from you

Holy Spirit come
Fill this place with power
Hope…it isn’t gone
Fall on us this hour

We will wait for you
We will wait for you

The Power of Forgiveness

Last Wednesday I began my day at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Minneapolis for the 2009 MN Prayer Breakfast. Governor Pawlenty gave a few opening remarks and a few congressmen & women read Scripture. Tony Dungy, the recently retired coach of the Indianapolis Colts, was the featured speaker. Coach Dungy is widely respected both on and off the field as a man of faith and integrity. Coach Dungy clearly communicated his love for Jesus and His desire to obey God by making this world a better place to live for troubled youth. The theme for the morning was “The Power of Forgiveness” and he did a great job exhorting us to believe in the forgiveness found in Jesus’ death and the forgiveness we should and must extend to others. But no offense to Coach Dungy, the story of a broken yet recovering family impacted me the most.

In 2003, teenager Nolan Myers was assisting stranded motorists in NC until he was struck and killed along with six others by a drunk driver. At the MN Prayer Breakfast Nolan’s mother & father spoke of their son’s death and their ongoing struggle of extending forgiveness to the man who killed their son, Mr. Larry Veeder. Nolan’s mother said her forgiveness of Mr. Veeder has been given and taken back several times over the last six years. I can only imagine how intense this battle must be. I want to think if I were the parent in this situation I would find it within myself to follow the Nolan’s example. But I don’t think any of us definitely knows how we would react until it was our journey. In the midst of this immense duel of the heart between forgiveness and bitterness the Nolan family has done an incredible thing though. They took either part or all (I can’t remember…sorry) of Nolan’s remaining scholarship money and donated it so Mr Veeder could get the proper assistance in recovering from alcohol abuse. They have publicly forgiven Mr. Veeder over and over again as well. In the last six years Mr. Veeder began attending chapel services in prison and has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord & Savior. He currently is an inmate chapel leader and is deepening his faith in Jesus.

The story of Nolan Myers and his family’s journey through forgiveness gave me a more tangible illustration of another incredible story of forgiveness. During Jesus’ crucifixion He uttered one of the most amazing statements ever spoken in the history of mankind. Despite the mockery, beatings, unjust trials, and excruciating pain, Jesus found it within himself to utter these unbelievable words – “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” What is even more amazing is that in the Greek the word “forgive” is spoken in the imperative mood. Jesus’ tone is so fierce it is as if He is commanding His Father to forgive them. He passionately desired for all of them – the Roman soldiers, Caiaphas, Pilate, Herod, the angry mob – to not be held accountable for this horrendous offense. Such forgiveness seems almost impossible to extend but Jesus did it and I’m pretty sure we are to do the same.

Paul, writing to the saints in Ephesus says, “be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” Forgiveness releases the offender and us from the prison of bitterness. We are freed from resentment and anger. Our extended forgiveness also provides people with what I believe to be the greatest picture of Jesus’ love and forgiveness of us.

I needed the exhortation last Wednesday from the Nolan family to forgive. I have been carrying around some bitterness from past offenders. Nothing that comes even remotely close to an offense like the Nolan’s experienced but the bitterness was there…lurking, waiting to overtake me. It feels good to release them and move on. I’m sure I will want to take back the forgiveness at times. People are bound to continually disappoint. But the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in me. And if He (Jesus) could forgive, then it is possible for me to wade through the complex feelings that result from negative actions or words at my expense and continue to choose forgiveness.

If you would like to read a little more about the Nolans, click HERE. That will get you started on their journey.

Consumed Tourney Challenge

2009finalfour Over the last five years Consumed has hosted a NCAA Tournament Challenge for those that are interested. Every year the participation grows and it is a lot of fun. If you have played in the past, join up again. If you haven’t but want to get in, we welcome that. You don’t have to know a lot about basketball to play. Actually, sometimes the less you know the better you do in picking games. The winner will receive a copy of Fully Alive & Rise Up (we may have a few of those around) and a gift card to Starbucks. Here is the information:

WEBSITE: Consumed CBS Sportsline
(if you don’t have a user account with cbs sportsline you will need to create a profile – it is free and easy).

Good luck!


2008_012517geburtstag0091 From Rob Stearns


Everything you tell me
And how you guide me
What you tell me
In the deep, dark days
And the deeper, darker nights
What you show me
When you light the heavens
Blinding out the sun and stars
Everything is everything
Your everything is my everything

When you whisper to me
When you scream aloud
What you want for me
In these present days
And for tomorrow and beyond
What you give me
When you light up my heart
Blinding out pain and hate
Everything is everything
Your everything is my everything

Rob in action

Follow the below link to see Consumed Publishing author Rob Stearns interviewed in Germany. For those of you that don’t know, Rob makes part of his living in Germany as a basketball player. The video is around six minutes long and Rob’s portion of the story starts at about the 2.5 minute part of the video. Although I don’t know German very well, I think he says something along the lines of Jamie Miller and a certain young man with a Luther-like haircut serves as his inspiration to stay physically fit.

Go HERE and click on the video “RC Borken Basketball”.