My church is currently immersed in the adventures of Nehemiah (we are starting a series on Nehemiah for the radio broadcast this week as well). This past Sunday evening we discussed Nehemiah’s response in chapter one when he heard about the condition of the Jewish remnant & Jerusalem. When Nehemiah found out the people were “in great trouble and disgrace” he wept, mourned, and fasted for “some days”. Then he prayed! Each one that attended Sunday evening wrote down a prayer to God as a response to Nehemiah’s prayer in chapter one. These prayers were then read out loud so everyone could join in with the prayers of their brothers and sisters. The prayer I wrote is this (Since Nicole gave up my identity Sunday anyway! – no bitterness though)…

God, I need eyes to see people the way Jesus did. I’m sickened by my complacency. I will never show true love unless I care. I want to be single-minded, whole-hearted Jesus. You ask for my life and so once again I tell you, “It is yours.” I ask for favor God. I have a vision of seeing your kingdom come to the cities. I have a vision of seeing your prayer Jesus of John 17 a reality here. I have a vision to see the global church revolutionized by their understanding of you as Father…that they can know you intimately and walk with you every moment of the day. I desire your name God to be known. Use me in that way I pray. I take comfort that you are the God of Heaven, great and awesome. I echo Paul’s words, “You are able to do more than all I ask or imagine, according to your power that is at work within us. To You, and You alone, be the glory, Amen!”


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