Mendota Bridge over the MN River

I began my day by baptizing a friend in the Minnesota River at 5:30 a.m. (yeah…if you were shocked by reading that, how do you think I felt when the alarm went off at 4:45). It was an amazing experience. Being involved in someone’s baptism, whether you are watching or baptizing, is such a worshipful experience anyway. But today was really captivating. I truly sensed the presence of God there. I sensed His presence as the sunlight crept through the trees and onto the river water, as we prayed for my friend and I heard his mom crying, the smiles on his friends face as he shared his journey with Christ, the rather large fish that jumped from the water as I read Acts 8, and hearing his dad cry “Praise God! Praise God!” with red eyes and a smile from ear to ear as we came up out of the water. God is alive and active in this world today. People everywhere are acknowledging the King and embracing His Kingdom. Praise God! Praise God!


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